PCO Compares The Quebecers To His Recent Teams, Liked Working With Mark Briscoe Because They’re Both ‘Crazy’


Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor

This week, Ring of Honor has been celebrating the 500th episode of its weekly television series, ROH Wrestling. Various stars from the company’s past, like Chris Hero, have looked back on Ring of Honor’s journey up to this point.

Likewise, former ROH World Champion PCO recently reflected on his career in an interview with WrestleZone. Dating back to 1987, “The French Frankenstein” has competed all over the wrestling industry. While he has enjoyed plenty of success as a singles star, particularly during his run as the breathtaking monster fans now today. But he has regularly competed in tag teams, and it’s only natural to compare his distinct partners.

The short-lived combination of PCO and Mark Briscoe excited a lot of fans because both men have wild personalities. “The French Frankenstein” described how this pairing differed from The Quebecers, his classic team with Jacques Rougeau. He explained that where and Rougeau were more of a traditional pairing, Briscoe and PCO retained their identities as two individuals.

“I was very happy at Final Battle [2020], when I teamed up with Mark Briscoe because I think Mark [could] be Mark, you know, and I could be who I am,” said PCO. “You don’t have to be, like for instance when I was [with] The Quebecers, it’s almost like two brothers, dressed up the same way, like the Briscoes. In my mind, I was thinking okay, so Jay’s going into like a solo run right now, and it’d be cool to team with Mark, like the two craziest characters in the Ring of Honor roster like put together.”

PCO also recalled how each tag team that he’s competed in has allowed him to play different roles. He also noted the similarities between his team with Briscoe and Brody King.

“I’ve had a lot of success in tag teams, and I’m used to tag teams,” said PCO. “So that, when it comes around to function as a tag team, for me, it’s a comfort zone. It’s easy. But if you want to compare the eras, they’re very different because I think, even though we have such powerful and devastating moves, as the Quebecers, we’re known mostly as a coward team. Well, if you look at me and Mark Briscoe or me and Brody King, we are the alpha males, basically, of the ring. We’re taking control of the action, it’s pretty much a totally different game.”

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