Charlotte Flair Reportedly Backstage At WWE RAW Tonight

Charlotte Flair

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

The Queen has (potentially) arrived as it’s being reported that Charlotte Flair is in the building for tonight’s WWE RAW.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Flair is indeed backstage for the red brand festivities but no word yet as to her level of involvement (if any). Charlotte hasn’t been on RAW for weeks due to testing positive for COVID-19. This reveal was made by Rhea Ripley on-air and Flair herself on social media after much speculation took place about her status with the company took when her husband, Andrade, was granted his release from WWE.

The speculation continues among fans as many are expecting Charlotte to join the WWE RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania which currently features the aforementioned Ripley and RAW’s current Women’s Champ, Asuka. Ripley made her main roster debut after Asuka defeated Peyton Royce this past week and gave the signature point to the WrestleMania sign, indicating that she wanted her shot at the gold. Rhea just stated in a recent interview with The New York Post that although she prefers the intrigue of singles competition, she isn’t against Charlotte stepping in for a three-way.

“If Charlotte gets added to the match, I’m still not going to complain. It’s still going to be a fantastic match and it’s going to be a fantastic story. So I guess we will just see what happens. She always has her way, like you said, she’ll probably end up in it but that’s not my call to make.”

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