Shaq Asks John Cena To Assess His AEW Debut

John Cena

Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

John Cena recently came face-to-face with Shaq on TNT when Cena appeared on the NBA on TNT Post-Game Show to help promote his appearances on Wipeout and The Suicide Squad.

Shaq’s first question to Cena was if he saw the AEW match Shaq was in a few weeks ago. Shaq wanted to know if Cena had any advice or criticism about the match. Shaq said, “I had my first wrestling match a couple weeks ago, did you see it? I would like to get your criticism of what I should have did better.”

It appeared that Cena didn’t want to directly address AEW by name and instead responded with a question of his own. Cena said, “I had heard you made your in-ring debut. I’m going to answer your question with a question. How did you feel about it? When it was all over, how did you feel about your performance?”

Shaq said he thought he did pretty good in his match and wanted to represent the business in a positive way. Check out the full interview below.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for transcriptions

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