Tyson Kidd Says Bret Hart Is Underrated, Explains How Bret Influenced Him

Bret Hart

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Tyson Kidd spent some time talking with Spencer Love recently and explained why he thinks Bret Hart is underrated along with how Hart has positively influenced his career.

While it may be very difficult for some to fathom that Bret Hart could be underrated, Kidd says he thinks that is the case. He said, “I’ve watched a lot of his matches in real time, and I’ve gone back and watch so many of Bret’s matches, especially the last – like I said, my travels much easier, so with this pandemic, I watched so many of his matches back. It just like, it’s unbelievable, man, his matches. I think he’s maybe even pretty underrated, which might be kind of a weird statement to make, but I think Brett might be fairly underrated … and like the little things. Even like – you know, his promos obviously got better, but even his promos like still in 92, like at least they feel real. They felt real. And, I mean, 97, I don’t know what happened. All of a sudden, Bret, like he is really untouchable. He looked phenomenal, his work was just as great as ever, and his promos were insane.”

It’s not all about what happened inside the ring though, as Kidd explained that Bret Hart has had a positive influence on him outside of the ring also. Kidd said, “A huge, huge influence. Because, you know, growing up, and just you know, the way it worked out, like at that time frame, Bret’s the guy. So when he’s – like, my best friend’s uncle is the world champion. It’s a cool thing. So, I watched obviously a lot of – I’m gonna probably [be] super biased, but I watch a lot of Davey [Boy Smith] and Owen [Hart] and [Brian] Pillman and other guys like Dynamite [Kid] and guys that like had maybe had starts in Calgary or a little bit of time in Calgary.”

Continuing on, Kidd said, “He took a real interest in us when he saw us wrestle at the Saddledome at that – I don’t know if he’s resigned yet at that time. It’s October 5th, 1996. I don’t know if he’s resigned yet at that time, or if he’s – he ends up coming back to RAW that month. And then that’s when he sets up the Steve Austin match. But, he comes to the show. I remember, like, he loved watching us wrestle. I think it just was maybe – now that I’m 40 and I have my nephews and I brought them to my ring a month ago, I get it. I saw them like wrestling around [and] you kind of get, like, that youth and that almost invigoration. I don’t know if that was a part of it or if Bret just – anyway, he’s always taken a liking, and he’s always been somebody that I’ve been able to talk about wrestling anytime. As great as the storyteller as he is in the ring, he might even be a better storyteller outside of the ring. So like to sit and listen to Bret’s stories are so fun.”

You can watch the entire interview below.

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