Al Snow Insists ‘Head’ Wasn’t Meant As A Double Entendre, But He Wanted To Have A Real Feud With It

What does everybody want? What does everybody need?

‘Head’ got Al Snow over with many WWF fans, but according to Snow himself, it wasn’t supposed to a euphemism for anything else. Snow recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about his career highlights and current work running OVW, but said the chant that people fondly remember wasn’t supposed to be what you think it means.

“I want everybody to understand, that was not meant as a double entendre. I swear to God, it wasn’t,” Snow said. “And I really never had this conversation with Vince which was my mistake, but I kind of did it later anyways.”

Snow went on to explain that he wanted to have a proper feud with Head, and even peppered in some mannerisms that showed “they” had heat with each other. He says they had a hardcore match, but he always saw it leading to a full-blown feud.

“If you pay attention, when I do ‘What does everybody want? What does everybody need?’ I get angrier as I do it because I’m getting jealous of The Head. So at one point, I was gonna finally, like everybody else does,” Snow explained, “I was gonna turn on it backstage and I was gonna start fighting with The Head.”

“Like you’d see between two normal people, attacking each other and cutting promos on each other, I was gonna do that with The Head where I was gonna basically have an angle where I was jealous of The Head because [of Head getting over],” Snow explained. “‘What does everybody want? What does everybody need? What does everybody love? Not Al Snow…’ You love The Head and it’s like, ‘Ahh God, I’ve tried all these years to be a star and now The Head’s the star, you know?”

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