Daniel Bryan On His Future: I’m Struggling To Determine Whether Wrestling Or Family Is More Important

daniel bryan

Daniel Bryan‘s future is up in the air.

The leader of the “Yes!” Movement recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT and discussed the looming end of his contract with WWE. He admitted that he wants to spend time with his kids, but he wants to financially provide for them, too.

“For me, my contract is up soon and that sort of thing so it’s really just an evaluation of what’s more important to me,” said Bryan. “Going out and doing this thing that I love every week, but being away from my family, being away from my wife and kids three days a week, and they’re at this stage that you don’t ever get back.”

Bryan stated that he doesn’t want to keep losing this priceless time in which his children are quickly growing up. He also explained that he has been relying on coffee in order to be energetic for his kids.

“When I get home on a Saturday, a lot of times I’m exhausted,” said Bryan. “So what I do is I drink coffee. I never drank coffee before we had our daughter and all of a sudden it’s ‘Ok, down this cold brew! Down this cold brew!’ because I want to have energy and I want to show up for my kids.”

The former WWE Champion explained that he wants to be there for his kids without depending on the power of caffeine, and dynamic is another part of his deliberation about his contract. He emphasized that he’s continually dealing with the struggle of his love for his family and his passion for the business.

“What do you love personally, but also what’s the most important thing,” said Bryan. “That’s the struggle that I’m dealing with right now – what’s more important?”

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