Shawn Michaels Appears On NXT, Adds Stipulation To Cruiserweight Unification Bout

Image Credit: WWE

Jordan Devlin made his return to NXT earlier this month, and after taking down Kushida in a match tonight, he and Santos Escobar met in the ring. Instead of a brawl, however, they were interrupted by none other than Shawn Michaels, who surprised them with a stipulation.

Shortly after defeating Kushida, Devlin was interrupted by Santos Escobar, who came down to the ring to have a talk with his NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver opponent. As the two began to bicker, though, Shawn Michaels made a surprise appearance, coming down to the ring and wordlessly lifting up the apron around the ring before pulling out a ladder. After sliding the ladder into the ring, he walked off, leaving Escobar and Devlin standing on either side of the ladder with their respective NXT Cruiserweight Championships.

Now, it looks as if the NXT Cruiserweight Championship unification match that is set to take place at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver will be a ladder match, and both Devlin and Escobar seem just fine with the stipulation. With both superstars laying claim to the title, it’ll be interesting to see just who manages to come out on top.

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