Lana Talks About The Evolution Of Her Character, Says It Helps Her Acting Career

(Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images)

WWE Superstar Lana spoke with Digital Spy recently about the evolution of her character over the past few years and expressed that everything she has done has helped with her acting as well.

Lana said, “I like to look at my career in WWE as chapters, different chapters of Lana’s life. I feel like this chapter of Lana is a lot closer to C.J. in the sense of the way we’re even packaging her versus when I first came on the scene with Rusev and I talked with a very thick accent. Then when I was doing the Bobby Lashley and Rusev story, that’s further. That’s was an adulterous chapter in Lana’s life, so that is very different to who I am, but it was exciting to play.”

She spoke about becoming a better actor because of this by saying, “I think WWE has helped me become a better actor because it’s on live television, you only get one take but you still have to do as much work as if it was a regular scripted television. Vince McMahon is the director essentially and we have to do what he wants, so it’s kind of that same skill set and I’m really thankful because I feel like it’s actually made me a lot better of an actor.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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