Bobby Lashley Has ‘No Clue’ About Brock Lesnar’s Status, But He’ll Be Ready If The Beast Returns

Bobby Lashley

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Bobby Lashley is well aware that the visual of him going up against Brock Lesnar is at the forefront of wrestling fans’ minds, but the WWE Champion can’t tell you either way if that match will happen or not.

Lashley joined Ben McCully of 97.7 Max FM out of Canada to talk his recent winning of the WWE Title and the interview closed out if whether a battle with Brock Lesnar was down the pipeline.

“I have no clue at all,” Lashley said flat out. “All I can say is what I’m ready for and I come to work, I don’t try to ask for anything special, I just come out there and I do my job. I’ve been asked a lot about Brock and I told them you know, ‘I am ready.’ If Brock wants to come, we can go,’ but I don’t know where Brock is, I don’t know what Brock’s doing, I don’t know what Brock’s plans are. I think that’s a better question to ask for like a Paul Heyman or if somebody can find Brock, but the match-up’s there and everybody wants it, so if he ever comes back, shoot, I’m ready.”

And Lashley is indeed ready as he stated earlier in the conversation how “dialed in” he currently is.

“I was doing everything that I can to get better, stay ready. I’m taking acting classes, I’m doing extra strength conditioning , I’m taking care of my body a lot more, I’m getting my meals down, I’m dialed in right now.”

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