Sami Zayn Helluva Kicks Kevin Owens After ‘Conspiracy’ Loss To Baron Corbin

sami zayn

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Sami Zayn has been trying convince anyone who will listen that he’s been the victim of a massive conspiracy. Tonight, he went even further, snapping on Kevin Owens after losing another match he claims was rigged against him.

Zayn went up against Corbin tonight, and suffered yet another loss in front of the WWE Universe. Of course, Zayn was once again furious after the loss, yelling at the referee and calling for someone to understand him. He then turned to Owens, who was watching at ringside and who Zayn had tried to get to join the documentary on him earlier in the night. However, Owens sided against Zayn, telling his friend that the referee did his job well and that Zayn just has to learn to accept losses.

While Zayn seemed to walk away after yelling at Owens, he surprisingly snapped on his friend. While Owens turned back to discuss the match with the commentary team, he was blindsided by a Helluva Kick from Zayn, who began screaming at Owens while he was down. After yelling at Owens, Zayn left the area, yelling at his documentary team that no one believes that he’s still the victim of a conspiracy.

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