Karrion Kross Snaps After Finn Balor Knocks Scarlett Down, Lorcan & Burch Retain Titles


Karrion Kross and Finn Balor teamed up tonight on NXT to try and take down Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch in order to win the NXT Tag Team Championships. However, a mistake by Balor ended up costing them the match and causing Kross to snap on his teammate.

After teaming up earlier in the night at the behest of Scarlett, things seemed to working well in the match. However, late in the match Balor had Oney Lorcan outside of the ring, and seemed ready to line up a running kick against him when Scarlett got in the way. Balor went running and delivered a kick, and Lorcan flew backwards into Scarlett, knocking her down and onto the floor at the end of the ramp. With Balor looking down at Scarlett – who seemed to be laughing – in shock, Kross snapped on Balor, attacking him from behind before throwing him into the ring.

After throwing Balor in the ring, he was quickly hit by Lorcan, who dropped him with the nasty running European uppercut for the win. Kross quickly slid back into the ring, and continued his assault on Balor, hitting him with multiple Doomsday Saitos before Scarlett told him to let her go. However, as Scarlett helped Balor up, Kross quickly hit him hard from behind with a running elbow strike, knocking him out and leaving Kross and Scarlett in the ring and standing over the downed Balor.

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