AEW vs. IMPACT Winner Take All, Sacrifice Preview (WZ Wrap-Up)

IMPACT Wrestling escalating their overall stories into April’s Rebellion pay-per-view event through this weekend’s IMPACT+ streaming special, Sacrifice this Saturday. This week’s IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV laid out a huge prize for the winner of this Saturday’s main event with TNA World Champion Moose facing IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann to unify their titles and the winner gets to face AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Who should be the man to represent IMPACT in their on-going collaboration with All Elite Wrestling?

On today’s WrestleZone Wrap-Up, bossman Bill Pritchard, Robert DeFelice, and Kevin Kellam cover it all plus how the whole card is coming together with a balance of two different wrestling brands. Plus discussion about how jam-packed the schedule looks for WrestleMania week.

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