Karrion Kross Challenges Finn Balor, Kyle O’Reilly Returns & Attacks Adam Cole


Tonight’s NXT ended in chaotic fashion, as a match between Finn Balor and Adam Cole for the NXT Championship ended with Balor retaining the title before quickly breaking down from there.

After feuding for the past couple of weeks following Adam Coles surprising assault on Balor, it was Balor who ended up taking down Cole late, and thanks to none other than Kyle O’Reilly. After getting knocked out of the ring, Cole noticed that O’Reilly was on the other side of the security barricade, distracting him long enough to allow Balor to land a massive running backflip on him. Back in the ring, Balor landed the 1916 on Cole for the win, but things just got much crazier from there.

After the match ended, Kyle O’Reilly made his way into the ring, and after catching Adam Cole trying to hit him with a low blow, quickly began assaulting his former teammate. As O’Reilly and Cole brawled, however, Balor asked an unseen person what took them so long before turning around to reveal none other than Karrion Kross. Kross and Balor stared each other down, with Kross clearly looking to take on Balor for his NXT Championship at some point in the future.

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