MJF Aligns Himself With FTR & Shawn Spears After Getting Fired From The Inner Circle


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Inner Circle held its War Council to main event All Elite Wrestling Dynamite and it saw some shocking events that included MJF creating a new group and Sammy Guevara make his return.

Chris Jericho wasn’t happy to see Guevara and told his former “Le Sex Gods” partner that he was dead to him. However, Guevara begged him to look at what he had and a hidden video was shown. It was in the Inner Circle’s locker room, and it showed MJF telling the group that they needed new leadership and that Jericho should be replaced by him. Jake Hager and Santana & Ortiz all agreed to the offering.

However, when MJF told the three to attack Jericho, they simply turned to face him and showed that they were staying true to Jericho. Jericho told MJF that the entire Inner Circle talks everyday and since he brought MJF into the group, he’s now kicking him out.

MJF then said he wasn’t trying to take over the Inner Circle as he was already building his own group. We then saw FTR, Wardlow, Tully Blanchard, and Shawn Spears appear. The new group took out every member of The Inner Circle and Guevara. MJF would then hit a bloodied Jericho with a baseball bat and then put him through the stage with a powerbomb.

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