Christian Cage Wants The AEW Title, Kenny Omega Addresses Exploding Ring Mishap

christian cage aew

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Tony Schiavone was about to introduce Christian Cage to speak for the first time in All Elite Wrestling, but Kenny Omega made his entrance instead with Don Callis and the Good Brothers.

It was Callis that spoke first, who apologized to the crowd as they’re not going to get to hear from the new signee as Kenny Omega calls the shots around here. “We take what we want and we take a little more, so we’re taking this time for ourselves.” Callis called Omega the God of professional wrestling and the “King of the Death Match.”

Callis said AEW Revolution all went according to plan. Omega admitted that maybe not everything went according to plan referring to the explosion dud. Callis says they were blamed for fans not getting what they wanted, and that he won’t confirm or deny if they had anything to do with it, but they were very happy to see the fan’s hopes get taken away. “We took away Moxley’s big moment to die the death he deserves as a hero. We took away Eddie Kingston’s star-making, heroic moment.”

Omega cut a promo making fun of Kingston and Moxley until Eddie walked to the ring. Callis said he had Kingston working for him at IMPACT because he saw the talent and toughness in him. “You had it all, so why did I have to fire you? It’s because you did the same thing working for me that you’ve done your whole life. When you’re this close to success … you somehow find a way to screw it up … Just like you did at Revolution when you laid there and we laughed.”

Callis gave Kingston 10 seconds to exit the ring before he got his ass beat and then they mocked his cover of Moxley as the countdown timer from Sunday played. “I almost passed out. I had flashbacks from when I got detention in grade school,” Omega joked. Omega then asked what Kingston looks to accomplish by being out here and told him to take his best shot and to see what happens.

Kingston did just that delivering a big right hand to Omega, but the Good Brothers then attacked him. Moxley would come out to save his friend, but they were still outnumbered. Christian Cage would then make things even by coming out to the ring. Cage walked up to a floored Omega and stared him down. After entering the ring, the two talked some and Omega went for a handshake. Cage didn’t oblige and was about to hit his finisher when Callis saved him.

Afterward, Cage held the AEW Championship and made it clear what he wants.

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