Jon Moxley Thinks IMPACT Paid For AEW Revolution Bomb, Eddie Kingston Had Anxiety Attack

Eddie Kingston Had An Anxiety Attack At AEW Revolution,

Image Credit: AEW

The big elephant in the room was addressed during All Elite Wrestling Dynamite as Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley addressed their reaction to Kenny Omega’s exploding bomb not really going off at the end of the AEW Revolution pay-per-view. While both men sold the explosion, Kingston made it quite clear as to why he wasn’t moving afterward.

“When I went in the ring and I covered my friend thinking there’d be a big explosion and all these fireworks I caught a flashback to the last time I had this kind of anxiety,” admitted Kingston. “The last time I had this kind of panic, I couldn’t breathe. That was when I was sitting in a jail cell waiting for court and I had the guards telling me, ‘We’re gonna take you to Riker’s boy!’ … Everything went black. That’s what happened. Call me a coward, a mess of a man. I’m not speaking to you. I’m speaking to those that understand where I come from.”

Kingston then called out Omega, who he called a joker. Moxley also chimed in saying that IMPACT must’ve paid for the bomb and that he’s made more explosive volcanoes in 4th grade science class. Moxley is glad that Kingston didn’t get blown up but he still wants to see an explosion.

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