Shawn Michaels: ‘It Certainly Wouldn’t Hurt’ For NXT To Move To Tuesdays

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Rumors began sprouting up last week that NXT may be moving to Tuesday nights instead of their usual Wednesday. Speaking to the New York Post in a new interview, Shawn Michael discussed the possibility, as well as his career as a whole. 

Check out some of the highlights below: 

On NXT possibly moving to Tuesday:

It’s always clearly easier when your sort of destination programming, so to speak. Nothing would change certainly for us. We still try to put the best show out there that we can. Clearly, I know that’s everybody’s goal. I think it would only be fair to say everyone knows that when you are not competing against another similar show that it makes it a little bit easier. It allows people to enjoy that. And then you think about the follow from Raw the next night. So, clearly, it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

On having Finn Balor in NXT right now:

Finn was such a complete athlete and wrestler, performer as it was. He just came here and had the ability to grow and evolve in all the ways he’s wanted to and be allowed and have the freedom to do that. It’s something that we try to encourage all our superstars to do. I don’t think anyone grasped the level at which Finn would do it.

I said it last week, and it was one of those things that I just wanted to say I’m just saying this between you and me. Of all the years I’ve been retired people have asked, this so and so, this dream match. And they’d all be wonderful opportunities. I look at him I think to myself, my goodness, he’s a guy that I could see myself wanting to… I could pick Finn out of a crowd and go, my goodness, he’s a young man that I feel like you could go out there and still do at a ripe old age and it would still be fantastic because he’s just got such a perfect balance of far more of enough of a 2021 sort of style, but so grounded and so foundationally strong in being able to take his time, tell stories, psychology.

On the potential of having NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships:

Is it needed? I don’t know if those things are ever needed. To your point,  we certainly have the depth. I know it sometimes sounds a bit cliché, everyone knows NXT we have the absolute greatest, No. 1 women’s division on the planet. There’s not even another feasible argument to make. We have the most talented young ladies within NXT.

Look I think it’s certainly something we can begin to think about or begin to talk about. I do believe the depth is there. Look every time you do that it could always be challenging. I think that’s something we enjoy here. I do know that from a creative standpoint we enjoy challenges. I know our talent does. But I would be comfortable saying I think we certainly have the depth for it. Those are all decisions that are all sort of above me at this point. I’d certainly back it.

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