John Laurinaitis Is Once Again Leading WWE’s Talent Relations Department

john laurinaitis wwe 1

Photo Credit: WWE

“Mr. Excitement” is back on top, baby!

According to a new report from, John Laurinaitis is once again working as WWE Head of Talent Relations.

Laurinatis’ new role will start immediately; he will officially serve as General Manager, Talent, and report to WWE Executive Vice President of Operations Brad Blum. Laurinaitis first stepped into the role in 2004, replacing Jim Ross, and held the position until he stepped down in 2012. “Johnny Ace” has since been working in WWE as a producer/road agent. In addition to his backstage and administrative roles, Laurinaitis served as an on-air General Manager personality from 2011-12 that promoted People Power.

F4W also explained that the talent relations department is being split into talent management and talent branding, the latter of which would essentially function as a talent agency to book outside appearances and projects for WWE Superstars.

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