Dark Side Of The Ring Reveals Jimmy Snuka Had A 10-Year Marriage To Gino Hernandez’s Mother

Jimmy Snuka Dark Side Of The Ring

There was some mind-blowing news revealed on tonight’s debut episode of Dark Side Of The Ring: Confidential and it deals with a previously unrevealed marriage of the late Jimmy Snuka.

Dark Side of The Ring: Confidential is a new companion piece on VICE TV hosted by Conrad Thompson which takes an added deep dive into a specific episode and tonight’s feature was the “The Mysterious Death Of Gorgeous Gino” episode, recounting the late Gino Hernandez. Thompson speaks with show creaters Evan Husney and Jason Eisener as they air the original episodes with talking segments cut in between. It was revealed in a deleted scene featuring Hernandez’s mother, Patrice, that she used to be married to Jimmy Snuka for 10 years.

In the deleted scene, Patrice says she met Snuka at the matches and Jimmy asked her out on a date. She also reveals that Snuka’s mother happened to marry her father after she came down on vacation to Houston, TX. The first night they went out, Patrice’s father asked Snuka’s mother to marry him, and they did.

Patrice notes that about the time Snuka married her, the murder allegations began to surface about Snuka and his relationship with Nancy Argentino. She notes that Gino didn’t particularly care for Snuka to be around Patrice, but she notes how kind Snuka was to her and says the same for his mother. Snuka was indicted for third-degree manslaughter charges in September of 2015, who plead not guilty in the case. Snuka was found unfit to stand trial in June 2016 due to a diagnosis of dementia and passed away on January 17, 2017.

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