Drew McIntyre & Sheamus Battle To A No Contest In Brutal No DQ Match

Drew McIntyre

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

As Drew McIntyre was backstage calling out Bobby Lashley and questioning where the champion’s balls were (probably in his shorts, Drew), Sheamus attacked his former friend. The assault angered McIntyre, who thought he had finally moved past this rivalry, and he demanded a No Disqualification match from Adam Pearce.

McIntyre got exactly that to start the second hour of WWE RAW. McIntyre started the match early by attacking Sheamus during his entrance and the two essentially picked up from last week, which saw McIntyre barely prevail in a brutal brawl of a match. A kendo stick was introduced into the bout, which McIntyre used to leave welts on Sheamus’ pale skin. Sheamus would then get back into the bout by slamming his former friend into the announce table.

Sheamus would work McIntyre’s legs with a Clover Leaf submission, but the Scottish wrestler would fight out of it. Sheamus would then hit a White Noise but was unable to get the win with it. Sheamus would fetch a steel chair, but McIntyre was able to steal it from him and then land a Future Shock DDT onto it. Despite the damage, Sheamus kicked out and the match continued.

McIntyre would then slam Sheamus into a chair and then hit a huge Claymore Kick that sent Sheamus out of the ring. Outside the ring, Sheamus would then hit a Brogue Kick and grabbed the steel stairs. McIntyre would do the same and the two men ran into each other with steel stairs in hand. The referee would then wave the match off after determining neither man could continue.

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Fans were waiting for a long time to hear the news and WWE confirmed tonight on RAW that next Tuesday (March 16th) tickets to WrestleMania 37 will go on sale to the general public. How hard will it be to get tickets to this highly-anticipated event?

this week WWE RAW had an explosive ending which is definitely a buzzed-about way to end a wrestling show this week. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus went to war in a No Disqualification match following up their hard-hitting contest on last week’s USA Network broadcast. Tonight’s WrestleZone Wrap-Up also looks at the Monday night drama with Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Alexa Bliss, and the new WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.