The Dark Order Helps ‘Hangman’ Adam Page Beat ‘Big Money’ Matt Hardy At AEW Revolution

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

It’s safe to say that there’s no love lost between “Hangman” Adam Page and “Big Money” Matt Hardy.

The two rivals clashed in a heated match at AEW Revolution, and both men were particularly desperate due to the stipulation that was attached to the bout. The winner would receive the loser’s 2021 first-quarter earnings.

The match quickly devolved into a physical, hard-hitting brawl in which both men eagerly wanted to hurt each other. Hardy repeatedly targeted Page’s arm and his hands, hoping to prevent the Buckshot Lariat.

Later in the match, when Page gained the upper hand with the Deadeye, Private Party came to the ring. The duo distracted Page, and he cleared them from the ring. But their interference left him vulnerable to a Side Effect and a Twist of Fate. Still, Page kicked out, and the Dark Order ran to the ring and attacked Private Party.

The Dark Order helped Page land on his feet when Hardy tried to knock Page to the floor, and he immediately hit the Buckshot Lariat for the win. Page embraced the Dark Order after the match

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