Sami Zayn: A Corporate Plant Infiltrated My Documentary Crew, Why Big E Began Throwing His Jacket At Corey Graves

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Sami Zayn: A Corporate Plant Infiltrated My Documentary Crew

In Sami Zayn’s eyes, the conspiracy against him has reached a new level.

This past week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, he attacked one of the cameramen in his documentary crew, and this assault was not random. In a Tweet, Zayn claimed that the crew member was purposefully trying to cost him the match.

“The ‘cameraman’ on my documentary crew that I attacked on Friday was an undercover corporate plant,” wrote Zayn. “I was set up.”

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion was clearly upset about this supposed plot against him, and he wanted the world to know it.

“A page out of the FBI pigs playbook,” said Zayn. “The rat had it coming.”

Fans will have to wait and see how this alleged plot continues to unfold.

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Why Big E Began Throwing His Jacket At Corey Graves

In addition to his natural chemistry and his clear star power, Big E is known for his goofy antics on WWE programming. His motives, as one might expect, aren’t very complicated. An extra scene from is “WWE 24” special offers fans the chance to hear Big E’s mindset.

“Usually when I do stuff, it’s, ‘Let me try something and if I don’t get yelled at, I’ll probably keep doing it,” said Big E.

For example, Big E has made it a tradition to throw his ring jacket at SmackDown broadcaster Corey Graves.

The WWE Intercontinental Champion’s former stablemate, Xavier Woods shined some light on Big E’s jacket-throwing antics. He stated that it was a natural progression from his previous pancake-tossing.

“Big E threw his jacket at Corey Graves when we do our entrances because it was funny to him,” said Woods. “We were hitting him with pancakes before. And he wanted to up the ante. So the logical progression would be, let me throw this bulky, heavy a– jacket.”

The champion doubled down on his stance, as he said that launching the jacket at Graves makes him laugh, so he’ll keep doing it.