Carmella Fires Reginald, Sami Zayn Attacks His Own Cameraman

Reginald fired

Image Credit: WWE

Carmella Fires Reginald

Carmella has been having a rough time keeping her sommelier, Reginald, in check recently. During tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Reginald was finally fired, after Carmella called him out for being a snake. Carmella is referring to Reginald and his recent obsessing over Sasha Banks, which ultimately cost him his job in embarrassing fashion.

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Sami Zayn Attacks His Own Cameraman

Following another heartbreaking loss to The Street Profits tonight, Sami Zayn finally snapped on the camera crew for his documentary. After the crew was spotted filming Montez Ford, Zayn got angry the group and tried to stop them. Instead, he was quickly rolled up inside the ring, and following the loss, proceeded to assault his cameraman.