Finn Balor Defeats Roderick Strong After Declaring He’ll Never Be A Leader

Finn Balor

Image Credit: NXT

Finn Balor and Roderick Strong got into a bit of a brawl earlier tonight on NXT, resulting in a match that took place at the end of the night. After calling Strong out by saying he’ll never be a leader, Balor proved his case by walking away with a win tonight.

In a match between a clearly angry Balor and a Strong who was trying to prove more to himself and the NXT Universe, it was Balor that walked away on top. Late in the match, Balor was able to gain the momentum after somehow countering a backbreaker from Strong into a double stomp. With Strong a bit out of it, Balor hit the final cut on him, which set him up for the Woo Kick followed by a nasty Coup de Grace. With Strong nearly down for the count, Balor then picked him up and hit the 1916 for the win. 

Following the win, Adam Cole finally made his presence known, coming out and staying at the top of the ramp to stare down at Balor ahead of their title match next week. 

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