More Details On NWA’s Deal With FITE, Cost Of NWA Powerrr Subscription Bundle

NWA Powerrr

As of this morning, the National Wrestling Alliance is back in action with its Back for the Attack pay-per-view set for later this month. However, with NWA Powerrr also set to return on FITE, fans can expect a sizable difference from how it used to air on YouTube as the promotion said it will be “available via a low-cost subscription bundle.”

Now we have more information on just how low-cost it will be. According to a report from Inside the Ropes, the new NWA subscription bundle on FITE will cost around $4.99 per month. The report also says that NWA received a substantial offer from FITE to be exclusive to its service, and that television will be taped at the end of March in Atlanta.

The promotion and its marquee television product had shut down for most of 2020 due to the pandemic, although several title changes happened at Prime Time Live events put on by the United Wrestling Network. Now it’ll be back in full force starting March 21.

Billy Corgan also gave an interview with the Associated Press talking about the deal and said the NWA never had any financial issues.

“I feel like we’re finally taking the steps we were hoping to take a year ago,” Corgan said. “We were never in any financial peril. We were totally on a growth pattern. The plan for last year before things kind of hit the skids was to start pivoting. We were in discussions with Live Nation about running live events to help bring in revenue and expand who was watching the product. It was more about growing pains stuff, but we didn’t have any problems internally with the product.”

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