Matt Hardy Proud To See Private Party Turn Up The Intensity, Ready To Teach Hangman Page A Lesson

Matt Hardy is going to teach ‘Hangman’ Adam Page an important lesson, and he’s going to learn that you don’t mess with Big Money Matt’s money.

Hardy spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of AEW Revolution, where he will compete with “Hangman” Adam Page in a Big Money Match. Both Matt and Hangman will put their first-quarter earnings up for grabs, but ‘Big Money Matt’ is going into the match at a disadvantage considering the fact that his bank account is much larger than his opponent’s. Hardy says Hangman deceived him and it was uncalled for, so he’s going to make him pay for tricking him in the first place.

“I don’t think he realizes [how much money is on the line]. I am definitely physical. I am going to beat Adam Page up greatly because he’s trying to take my entire first quarter 2021, this is one of my best quarters ever, are you kidding me? And on top of that,” Hardy noted, “the way he tricked me and bamboozled me into this, it was just uncalled for. I can’t believe he lacks such integrity. I thought he was a decent guy but I guess I was wrong. As much money as he would win from me if he did win, I’m gonna beat that much money out of him. So I’m gonna make him pay for his transgressions. He’s gonna learn, you don’t mess with Big Money Matt’s money.

When asked what kind of match he’s prepared for, Hardy said it’s no doubt going to be physical, but he’s ready for a fight. “It’s going to be a very hard-hitting contest. It’s gonna be a Japanese strong-style contest,” Hardy said.

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Before he gets to Revolution, Hardy will share the ring with Hangman on AEW Dynamite this week. Originally scheduled to be a ten-man tag match, Hardy’s chat with his good friend “TK” resulted in the match being changed to a tag team match. Despite the change, Hardy will head into battle against Page and Dark Order’s John Silver with Marq Quen at his side.

Hardy says he loves working with Private Party, who grew up as legitimate Hardy Boyz fans. He says that detail adds a nice layer to the story they are telling right now and their growth in AEW has been great to watch. ‘Big Money Matt’ initially took the two under his wing (and might have taken advantage of the financial situation), but it’s been interesting to see how their respective characters have evolved on AEW TV as of late.

“It’s very cool that they were legitimate big Hardy Boyz fans when they were growing up and I think it even adds to the story that like, hey, I was their hero growing up. So now it’s, ‘I wanna take you under my wing and I wanna teach you’ but you have this guy, Big Money Matt, who’s taking advantage of these young kids who grew up idolizing him and watching him,” Hardy said, “I think it adds a lot of great layers to the story. And I think that them even turning heel and having more of an edge and an attitude on TV is something that’s going to take them further in their career, and help reach their full potential as well.”

“I love the fact that we did the [scenario of] ‘maybe Matt’s right, maybe this is the way, win by any means necessary.’ Something that I feel like has really translated well, especially in Isiah’s match this week against Adam Page, is his aggressiveness and his viciousness. These guys have always been incredibly talented, incredibly athletic,” Hardy said, “but you need the audience to look on screen and go, ‘Hold on, this guy can fight.’ I understand he’s an athlete and sure, maybe this is showbiz to a degree. But I think this guy would kick my ass if I ever got in the ring with him. They’re really starting to bring that now, it makes me very proud of them.”

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