Fans React To Bobby Lashley Winning The WWE Championship (WZ Wrap-Up)

“The era of the Almighty is upon us” was the stinging line at the end of WWE RAW as Bobby Lashley submitted the Miz to finally win the WWE Championship. This live post-show sees fans shout out their instant reaction to this upheaval of the WWE title.

The leader of the Hurt Business pursued a not-so-awesome Miz throughout the three-hour broadcast on USA Network in three title ‘matches’ before cornering him in a Lumberjack match with superstars surrounding the ring. How does this re-shape the road to WrestleMania with 40 days left for the biggest WWE event of the year? WrestleZone’s Kevin Kellam and John Clark drilled through the hot topics on this week’s solid episode of RAW. You can watch or listen on-demand here. Be sure to subscribe on the apps that work for you to get even more content.

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