Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso In A Steel Cage Match Next SmackDown; Universal Title Shot At Stake

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Daniel Bryan will get his WWE Universal Title shot against Roman Reigns at Fastlane, but only if he can get through Jey Uso first.

On Talking Smack after SmackDown, Paul Heyman revealed to Daniel Bryan that despite losing to Reigns at Elimination Chamber and then being a part of a no contest against Jey Uso on SmackDown, that he was authorized to allow Bryan to accept a rematch against Uso. This matter, however, comes with a few stipulations added. If Bryan loses, he’d have to concede and admit that Roman is indeed “Head Of The Table,” but if he wins, Bryan gets his title shot once more at Fastlne. Daniel, always the thinker.  accepted but upped the ante by having he and Uso locked up in a steel cage. Ful update via WWE.com below:

“Daniel Bryan was left as a sacrificial lamb for the Universal Champion at WWE Elimination Chamber, but the leader of the “Yes!” movement is ready to bite back. After being announced on WWE Talking Smack, Bryan will battle Jey Uso in a Steel Cage Match next week on SmackDown.

“Bryan has long been the target of Roman Reigns & Uso’s blue brand hostile takeover. After surviving the brutality of the Elimination Chamber, Bryan was forced to immediately face The Head of the Table and was left sprawled out after a Guillotine hold. Earlier last year, Uso infamously built respect with his cousin in a heinous beat down of Bryan following a Survivor Series Qualifying Match.

“In the Feb. 26 edition of SmackDown, Bryan again went to battle against Uso in order to attempt to secure a Universal Championship Match against Reigns at WWE Fastlane. When the intense battle ended in a double count-out that would leave him without a Fastlane opportunity, Bryan locked Uso in a post-match “Yes!” lock. As he did, Reigns attacked. Although Bryan turned the tables and put The Head of the Table in the “Yes!” Lock, a kick from Uso paved the way for The Big Dog to hit his adversary with a Spear and the Guillotine.

“The following morning on Talking Smack, Special Council Paul Heyman revealed to Bryan that he had been authorized to offer him a rematch with Uso on the following week’s SmackDown. If Bryan won, he would get his Universal Title Match at WWE Fastlane. If he lost, however, he had to acknowledge Reigns as The Head of the Table and the best competitor ever. Bryan accepted the offer with the condition that the rematch be in a Steel Cage to assure a clear winner.

“Bryan has bested Uso in their last two encounters, but who will be left standing when the two Superstars meet inside the Steel Cage?”

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