Moose Lost 30 Pounds In The Last Three Months, Says ‘Control Your Narrative’ Wasn’t Just A Storyline


Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Moose is controlling his narrative in and out of the ring, and the results are showing.

Moose spoke with The Angle podcast and host Joey Karni asked about how COVID-19 life has affected his training. The current TNA World Champion (it’s now an officially recognized title) says the pandemic has actually made things easier for him as far as training and travel goes, noting that there’s a lot more time now to meal prep and work on his physique.

“I’d still rather go back to the old way of living life, man, wrestling in front of the fans, don’t get me wrong,” Moose said, “I’ve used this opportunity to work on my body and change my look up a little bit.”

Noting that Moose does look in much better shape in recent months, Moose says he dropped a considerable amount of weight and talked about the inspiration behind it.

“I’m at—it’s funny because they still announce me as being 300 pounds when I wrestle, but I’m not anywhere close to 300 pounds. I’m at 254 [pounds] this morning. I’ve dropped about 30 lbs just in the last three months.

When asked how much of an influence EC3 has been on his fitness regimen, Moose credited his friend for not only telling a good story on TV but behind the scenes as well.

“When we went through that angle, the ‘Control Your Narrative’, it wasn’t just about the in-ring aspect of things. It was a lifestyle change. It was picking out what you eat, cooking your food right, getting your faith closer to God. It was a total transformation in and out of the ring, but obviously the story that the fans see is the in-ring aspect of it. EC3 is a good buddy of mine and he’s definitely helped me tons with me eating habits and my workout habits, and you guys can see the difference in just three months.”

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Moose continued to rise on IMPACT Wrestling this week, getting the TNA World recognized once again by the company and scoring a main event victory over the breaking-out Jake Something. Moose also secured an IMPACT World title shot at the upcoming Sacrifice pay-per-view event against defending champion Rich Swann.

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