Tony Khan: My IMPACT Character Is Me ‘Being The Worst Possible Version Of Myself’

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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Tony Khan has been appearing on IMPACT Wrestling broadcasts for the past couple of weeks, and they usually all involve Khan taking some shots at the company while promoting All Elite Wrestling. Speaking to TSN in a new interview, Khan discussed his appearances, and where he’s drawn inspiration from in regards to his “promoter” character that’s been antagonizing IMPACT Wrestling.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On his IMPACT character and his likeness to Mr. McMahon

It’s no secret that being a promoter who’s doing an exaggerated version of himself in another territory has been done before. Probably the best example that I’ve seen of it that I really enjoyed – it didn’t last as long as I would have liked, but it was fun when I was a kid – was the old Memphis shows when the WWF had a working relationship with the USWA [in 1993]. The WWF was the bigger company and Vince [McMahon] was always sure to let them know that on USWA television. I always thought that was very cool and there hasn’t been anything quite like that in a long time. But I’m not trying to emulate anybody – it’s just me being the worst possible version of myself.

When AEW will do shows outside of Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida:

We’re looking at COVID data as far as new infections and the spread of the disease and keeping an eye on it and trying to gauge when it might be safe to return to touring and doing indoor shows, because we’ve really only done outdoor shows for the past 10 months. The whole time we’ve been doing these shows, we’ve never done anything where we felt unsafe. We’ve always felt like we’ve put the fans in a good, safe position outdoors where there’s 99 per cent less chance of transmission between people, putting people in pods, also, and not overcrowding it. I just think I don’t want to do anything now, after we’ve been doing everything right for so many months, and rush to make a bad decision. I think it’s important to do it slowly.

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