WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (2/26/21)

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Results

Editor’s Note: Due to personal reasons, our usual Friday Night SmackDown results coverage by Lovell Porter won’t occur tonight, although he should be back next week. I’ll be filling his shoes to the best of my ability, though. Appreciate your understanding!

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results

February 16, 2021

Report by Tyler Treese for Wrestlezone.com

We should have an exciting show kicking off at 8 p.m. ET as Bianca Belair is expected to make her WrestleMania decision!

Roman Reigns promo

The show kicks off with none other than Roman Reigns, who comes out with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. We get a video package going over what happened at WWE Elimination Chamber on Sunday. Reigns says that as the head of the table he steps up and saves this place. He did just that by defending his WWE Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan, who he smashed. Roman says it was the “most exciting ass whooping of the year, maybe the decade.”

However, his defense wasn’t perfect due to Edge showing up. He tells Edge to back out since he has a beautiful family, and Reigns doesn’t want to hurt him. “Get it through that thick head of yours. This is why a man like you just doesn’t stand a chance against a man like me,” Reigns proclaims.

Reigns is then interrupted by Daniel Bryan. “The Leader of the Yes Movement” takes umbrage with Reigns’ description of their match. Bryan mockingly says that Reigns deserves to be celebrated, but he’s heard rumblings that other people found Roman’s actions cowardly. Bryan says the head of the table should’ve faced him in the main event rather than right after the Elimination Chamber and that it shows he isn’t a true champion. Bryan offers Roman a chance to prove everyone wrong by facing him for the belt at WWE Fastlane on March 21.

Jey Uso then takes the microphone and tells “D-Bry” that he’s at the back of the line now. Uso tells Bryan to face the right-hand man before trying to get another title shot. Reigns then stares down Bryan and says, “You really want me to hurt you again?” Uso then cheap shots Bryan and throws him over the barricade.

After the commercial break, Reigns tells Uso that there is nothing for him to apologize for as long as he gets the job done. We then see Edge talking to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. Pearce confirms that if Bryan beats Uso later tonight, he’ll get a title shot at Fastlane.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs. Otis & Chad Gable

They show a video of Otis viciously attacking Rey last week and getting disqualified. The match begins with Rey facing Otis. The much bigger man uses his size to his advantage and throws the legendary luchador around the ring. Gable keeps Otis from getting disqualified by not stopping at the ref’s count and tags himself in. Rey tags his son in, who impressively outgrapples Gable and hits a tornado DDT for a near fall.

Rey tags in, hits a senton and then the father and son hit a dual 619. A big frog splash appears to have the match won, but Otis breaks up the pin and gets tagged in. Otis catches Mysterio and slams the smaller man. Otis then goes to the second rope and hits a huge splash for the win.

Otis & Chad Gable def. Rey & Dominik Mysterio.