Cesaro Got Lost In The Shuffle After The Bar Broke Up, But He’s Thriving As ‘The Pro Wrestling Purist’


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Cesaro is thriving now, but only a short time ago, he was lost in the shuffle on WWE SmackDown. This career turnaround has excited many fans and helped Cesaro regain his status a buzzworthy star on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

Cesaro recently appeared on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves, and he reflected on his recent successful run on SmackDown. “The Swiss Superman” described how he predicted that he would struggle after The Bar broke up, and hes hared some insight into his newfound prominence.

“I think it all started after The Bar broke up, and I kind of, I predicted exactly what was gonna happen to Sheamus,” said Cesaro. “It was like, I kind of told him exactly where exactly we [were] gonna end up in a year. And he was kinda like, ‘Nah, that’s not gonna happen, you’ll do great,’ and stuff. And I’m like, ‘No, no, just watch.’

“And that’s exactly what happened. I just kind of got lost in the shuffle after the breakup and was trying to find myself, and didn’t really. And then the end of the year, I was kind of like, that’s when the “Pro Wrestling Purist,” I came up with that logo, or my buddy came up with it after some collaboration, I went back to that gear and that’s what I stuck with. And I was like okay, because that’s me, that’s what I identify with. And then I think this year, I just kind of, I dove more into that.”

Clearly, this fresh persona is working wonders for Cesaro’s career. He scored a clean victory over Daniel Bryan on SmackDown earlier this month, and he also had an impressive performance at WWE Elimination Chamber.

Cesaro also described why he views wrestling like a real-life comic book. He explained that the diversity of characters is one thing that makes WWE fascinating.

“I always say like, well, imagine like a comic come to life, and you can actually go see it, and touch and say hello to your superheroes, right?” said Cesaro. “Because that’s what it is. You watch wrestling, you find your Avengers or you know, whatever to Marvel or DC guy, that’s up to you. You find your Batman or Superman or whatever, and we actually come to your town or to your country, and you can come see us.

“That’s how I see wrestling, so the more different guys we have, different characters we have, the better, right? Because there’s a guy that likes, you know, the Fiend and the fire and the crazy cinematics, and there’s a guy that just like to see some guy wrestle. There’s something for everyone.”

The full episode is available here:

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