EC3 Signs Contract With Ring Of Honor


Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor

EC3 is controlling his narrative by staying with Ring of Honor.

The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion has officially signed with the company after he has been working with them in recent months.

Ethan Carter III starred in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling before he signed with WWE in 2018. His second run with the promotion didn’t pan out, and he was released in April 2020.

EC3 made his debut with Ring of Honor this past August, and he also spent time with IMPACT Wrestling in the summer and the early fall.

Here’s the official announcement, courtesy of Ring of Honor’s official website:

Ring of Honor is pleased to announce that EC3 has signed with the company.

EC3, who had been pro wrestling’s hottest free agent since he hit the open market last summer, made a few appearances with ROH in the fall. He made his unannounced return on last weekend’s episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” to confront Jay Briscoe.

EC3 and Briscoe had been scheduled to face each other at Final Battle in December, but the match was called off after EC3 tested positive for COVID-19.

Recognized as a two-time former world champion, EC3 boasts one of the most chiseled physiques in the sport and stellar speaking skills.

EC3 seized control of his narrative during his time as a free agent. A darker, more intense and more dangerous EC3 showed up in ROH declaring that he was on a quest to see if honor is real.

Now that EC3 is making ROH his home, he’ll have ample time to find out.

EC3 made his return to the company this past week on ROH Wrestling, and he confronted Jay Briscoe. He was scheduled to face Briscoe at ROH Final Battle, but when the former TNA stat tested positive COVID-19, the company  was forced to postpone the match.

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On a related note, Ring Of Honor’s PCO recently spoke with WrestleZone writer Colin Tessier and shared his thoughts about his successes in the past and his hopes for the future. First, he discussed his inimitable “French Frankenstein” persona and made it clear why he believes the character is a rich well that’s full of possibilities.

“I think we only have touched the point of the iceberg, as far as developing the character, and I think that character could be darker, it could scarier, it could be just different without changing like my attitude with the fans,” said PCO. The former Ring of Honor World Champion explained that he wants the “French Frankenstein” character to come across as a clear alter ego so that he could still interact with the fans and maintain his activity in the media.

PCO then revealed that he has plenty of ideas about the potential growth of the character and its presentation, beyond the monster that fans have come to know and love.

“I would like to really reinforce my entrances, but also ideas for exiting the ring, for different finishes,” said PCO. “I’d really like to emphasize more on the fact that the ‘French Frankenstein’ runs with the electricity, and that it could be harmful for others, but not for himself. So I think yeah, I think there’s so many directions that we could go with this character, and we haven’t tapped into the full potential yet.”

Check out the full interview below: