Time’s Up For Santos Escobar As Karrion Kross Wins No DQ Bout

Karrion Kross Santos Escobar

Image Credit: WWE

Karrion Kross has been attempting to get into the ring with Santos Escobar for the better part of the last month, and during tonight’s episode of NXT he finally got the chance. In a no disqualification match against Escobar, Kross got the better of his opponent in a brutal match.

In a match that took both superstars throughout the entire arena – and even outside of it – Kross and Escobar clearly went all out in an effort to take each other down. When the two got back inside the ring, though, Escobar attempted to employ the help of his Legado del Fantasma cohorts, but it didn’t work out.

Kross was able to overcome some attempted interference by Mendoza and Wilde, as he sent Mendoza flying into the barricade with a nasty powerbomb and suplexed Wilde onto the outside of the ring after he nearly got involved as well. Back in the ring with just Escobar, Kross was able to nail a huge Doomsday Saito on him that he then followed up with an elbow strike to the back of the head for the win. 

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Mendoza leaps off the steps and ends up getting power bombed into the barricade. Kross hits a filthy Doomsday Saito through the announce table. Kross drags Escobar back into the ring. Kross hits another Doomsday Saito. As Escobar stumbles to his feet, Kross obliterates him with an elbow strike to the back of the head. Kross pins Escobar.

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