Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Series 8 – Edge & Macho Man In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take an in-depth look at Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Series 8, featuring:

  • Edge
  • Macho Man Randy Savage

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The Packaging

Edge and Macho feature the same packaging as the previous sets with the larger, window box. In the window you can see them and all their included accessories, hands, heads and more. One side of the box features their name while the opposite side an image of them while on the back of the box highlights the superstar with statistics and information followed by more images.


First up we have the “Rated R Superstar” Edge with his very first Ultimate Edition figure. Edge features his Royal Rumble 2020 look when he made his grand return to the WWE. Edge features a swappable head with his eyes open wide and his hair slicked back in motion. Edge also has a lot of detail on his wrist bands and tights followed by the toe-joint on his boots. He also comes with a removable jacket and swappable jacket arms with his signature entrance taunt hands. To put Edge in his jacket simply pop out his arms, put the jacket over his torso and pop the jacket arms in place.

Overall, Edge is a great figure in my opinion. It’s awesome to have him in this attire as well as it was such an iconic moment of his career recently. The main head scan on the figure looks pretty good, too. The swappable head looks a little silly but reminds me of the old Jakks WWE Finishing Moves figures with them in motion. It’s great to use for him spearing someone, that’s for sure. Also, the jacket is really nicely detailed. The paint apps aren’t terrific on it but hopefully yours will be a little better than mine was. The detail on it though is really nice and the swappable arms are great, too. Unfortunately Edge does not have the butterfly joints like Hogan and Macho has, seeing Mattel just reused the older Ultimate torso for him.

Macho Man Randy Savage

Next up we have Macho Man Randy Savage and this figure is a homage to one of his old Hasbro figures from forever ago. Macho comes with a white, cloth jacket with green tassels hanging from the sleeves. It also says “Macho Man Oh Yeah” on the back. He also comes with a swappable serious head scan, swappable open hands, his signature sunglasses and his green cowboy hat. Macho is sporting a smiling head scan as well as his signature yellow/pink attire that is pretty detailed. He has tassels on his shoulders that actually hide his butterfly joints, which is a new addition to the line since Hogan in Series 7. This allows you to pose Macho even more realistically. He also has awesome new boot molds with the laces molded on the front and the back as well as the toe-joint.

Overall, this figure of Macho is pretty nice. The cloth jacket with the tassels is always a bonus in my opinion. The accessories are pretty good. I wish the cowboy hat had a bit more detail but it’s not bad overall. The attire itself is not my personal favorite of Macho’s but it is nice to have him in an outfit that differs from a lot of his other figures. I much prefer the serious face scan than the smiling one, too.


Overall, another great lineup of figures in the Ultimate Edition line. They both have their pros and cons I’d say, but mostly pros overall. They’re great additions to the series no doubt. Edge will definitely be the most sought after I feel in this set as him in this outfit was highly desired to say the least. Do be sure to pick them up!

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