Io Shirai Accepts Toni Storm’s Challenge, Zoey Stark Impresses In Defeat

io shirai

Photo Credit: WWE

Io Shirai and Zoey Stark took to the ring during tonight’s episode of NXT, with Stark making her NXT debut in rough fashion against one of the best superstars in the business. In an impressive effort, Stark showed she has potential in a loss to Shirai, but it was the events after the match that made for bigger news. 

Shirai was able to take down Stark late in the match with a huge double knee strike, which she quickly followed up with an Over the Moonsault slam for the win. Despite the solid effort from Stark, she was unable to capitalize on a handful of chances to win, although Shirai clearly respected her enough to hug her after the match in a nice showing. However, Toni Storm – who has been harassing Shirai and looking for another match against her – came down to the ring. 

Storm said that Shirai knows she can’t beat her, and that she’s afraid to see her in the ring alone. Shirai quickly responded that she’d face off against Storm anytime and anywhere. Storm said that if Shirai meant that then she would ask William Regal to book a match, to which Shirai said she would. 

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