Dexter Lumis Chokes Out Johnny Gargano In Non-Title Match

Image Credit: WWE

Dexter Lumis made his presence known to Johnny Gargano during last week’s episode of NXT, and tonight the two faced off in a match. Despite some help from Gargano’s friends, Lumis was able to come away with a win, finishing off Gargano in typical fashion for Lumis.

Towards the end of the match during tonight’s episode of NXT, Gargano was struggling to gain any ground on Lumis, so he directed Austin Theory – who was at ringside with him – to try and attack Lumis with a chair. Theory got on the apron, but hesitated once he saw Lumis staring him down. As Gargano tried to attack Lumis from behind, Lumis simply moved and allowed Gargano to run into the chair and Theory, sending Theory flying and allowing Lumis to lock Gargano in the Silence submission. 

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