IMPACT Wrestling Results (2/23/21)

IMPACT Wrestling Cody Deaner Jake Something

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, Jake Something takes aim at his former cousin in Deaner as the two fight one another in a tables match. Plus, three contenders are determined who will face TJP for the X-Division Title as Trey Miguel, Willie Mack & Josh Alexander battles Chris Bey, Ace Austin & Black Taurus.


February 23, 2021

Commentators: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown


Tables Match

Deaner vs. Jake Something

Deaner charges at Jake but gets shoved down twice. Deaner bites Jake’s nose. He throws him in the corner and gives Deaner some shots. Big clothesline to the chest knocks Deaner down before Jake lays him out further with a lariat to the back of the head. Something grabs a table and goes to slide it in, but Deaner baseball slides it into Jake. Deaner goes to slide in the table, but Jake see-saws it into Deaner’s chest. Jake gets the table in ring and knocks Deaner off the apron again. Jke props the table on the second rope and goes to belly-back suplex him but Deaner wriggles free.  Michinoku Driver by Something, but Deaner soon catches Jake harshly with a drop-toe hold into the edge of the table. Deaner then catapults Jake’s head to the bottom of the table in the corner. Deaner then leans the table instead of it laying flat across the second rope.

Deaner rakes the eyes of Jake on the outside, but Jake fights back and props another table on the apron and barricde. Deaner fights with Jake on the pron nd Something finds himself teetering. Deaner rakes Jake’s eyes once more and just knocks him off. Jake catches a diving Deaner and goes for a powerbomb. but Deaner avoids the attack and shoves the table into Jake. Deaner flips the table on the outside upside down and slams Jake across it. He lays Jake out on another outside table, but Jake comes off and knocks Deaner off the top rope. Jake goes to superplex Deaner to the outside, but Deaner pulls Jake’s hair and snapmares him in the ring. Jake tackles Deaner with a Thesz-like press. Sit-out powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Striker questions if Jake has it in himself to put his cousin through a table.

Jake takes Deaner to the outside and stands on the steps, aiming to put Deaner through an errant table with a powerslam Davey Boy style, but Deaner fights off.

He takes Jake on the stage and signals for a DDT, but Jake fights him and goes for a powerbomb. Jake gets nailed in his somethings. He makes his way back to the ring, but Deaner charges at him in a rage, Jake catches him and powerslams his cousin through the ringside table.

WINNER: Jake Something

Post-match, Moose comes in and spears Something through the cornered table. He takes a chair and sits in it. He says he wants his IMPACT World Title match and wants it now. We cut to break.

We’re back and D’Lo acknowledges the awkwardness going down courtesy of Moose sitting like he’s the “cool” college professor with his chair turned backwards. Finally, Scott D’Amore comes out and tells him that Swann isn’t in the building tonight nor is he cleared to wrestle. Out tries to come an irate Something, but he’s being held back by officials. Scott has finally had enough and declares Moose’s TNA Championship an official belt in IMPACT once more and now he’s gotta defend it against Jake Something.


Trey Miguel, Josh Alexander & Willie Mack vs. Black Taurus, Chris Bey & Ace Austin

Trey and Bey start it off. Miguel gets him down to the ground and it’s Trey who gets the better of it, allowing him to do some jumping jacks. Trey goes for some unique pin roll-ups. Ace Austin gets the tag and Trey slaps him. Tag to Alexander. Josh hurls him into his corner’s second turnbuckle and tags in Willie. Mack isoles him too. Ace avoids soone nough and tags in Black Taurus. Some amazing athleticism going down flourished with an arm drag and dropkick by Mack. Tag to Josh. He picks Taurus up in a fireman’s carry and rolls him down. BT gives Alexander some major shots, but Alexander fights back in a neutral corner. To break we go.

Back from it, Bey and his team have Josh isolated. Bey goes for a hurricanrana, but Alexander catches him and gives him a powerbomb on his knee! Ace and Trey get tagged in. Trey is on fire and locks Ace in a pendulum before dropping an elbow for two count.

Trey hoist up Ace on the second rope and tags in Willie. The two aim for an apparent Doomsday Device, but things fall apart and we’re left with Mack and Ace duking it out. Pop-up elbow by Mack for a two count. Ace gets Mack on the top rope for a headscissors takedown. He drops Willie right on the top of his head with a flipping DDT. Two count.

Taurs flips over Trey and has him in an inverted torture rack. Backbreaker by BT but Alexander suplex him. Chris Bey soon leaps in with a springboard DDT. Mack then suplexes Bey. He climbs up top and looks to be seeking a splash, but Bey rolls through. Ace kicks Willie in the back and Bey nails him with his Finesse finisher for the W.

WINNER: Chris Bey, Ace Austin & Black Taurus

Backstage, Sami Callihan pushes a frustrated Trey’s buttons and it leads to him getting attacked. Sami is left grinning about it like some Cheshire cat out of Ohio.

Rosemary is with Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus backstage. Steve says “the resurrection of the death dealers is now upon us.” She says Black Taurus will take the first of their gold with the X-Division Title. She mentions the dawning of the new age of shadow. They all yell “decay” (well, Taurus moans) and laugh manically as the camera cuts.

We see the two Tonys and some heels of AEW. Ricky Starks, Matt Hardy, Private Party, Brian Cage, Ryan Nemeth, Britt Baker and Reba (Rebel). Britt promotes her match as Cage and Starks talk about their bout against The Varsity Blonds. Cage mentions his former IMPACT reign and says it’s the last time that title mattered. Ryan Nemeth talks his match against Moxley while Kassidy and Hardy promote his battle against Hangman Page.

Nevaeh and Havok are backstage and Havok tries to hash things out. Nevaeh says she needs some time and out from the other side of the door comes Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with  a K. They pitch an alliance once more and Havok ain’t interested.


XXXL vs. The Good Brothers

Larry and Karl mix it up. Larry knocks Karl down, but Karl fights back enough to tag in the bigger LG. He delivers a fallaway slam to Larry. Hard punch to Larry and Karl gets the tag again, but the Good Brothers move quick. Larry catches Doc in a headlock and tags in Acey. Doc fights both of them off and tags in Karl. Acey is cornered. Hard uppercuts by Karl but Larry gets a leg up and knees him in the back.

Karl gets cornered and Larry gets some shots in before being the legal man. When he is, he stomps on Karl’s ribs and back before choking him on the second rope. Big slam by Larry D. Chinlock.

Gallows gets the tag and shoulder blocks Larry down. Bicycle kick and Gallows downs Larry before Karl shots Acey down. Magic Killer and it’s good for the W.

WINNERS: The Good Brothers

We see Swinger at Swinger’s Palace with James Storm and Chris Sabin. Blackjack is going down, but in comes Rohit who gets 21. They argue about last week’s actions and Sabin is adamant about how much he loves this Swinger’s Palace. Swinger sees the tension and suggests that Storm and Rohit settle it in the ring. Off to break we go.

We come back seeing Karl Anderson “Scott Hall walk” into scene with Fin Juice. Juice is a bit critical of their match work before Finlay run down their resumes. Juice said that they are the best “tag team in professional wrestling…hung over.” Finlay “Scott Hall walks” out of scene.

Eddie Edwards comes out for his match against Brian Myers, but Brian comes out in street clothes. He says he was “advised” not to compete tonight. Who appears  but attorney Mark Sterling. He’s advised Brian not to wrestle tonight, but reads Myers’ IMPACT contract (on card stock). According to it, if Myers is unable to compete, Myers can pick a replacement. Out comes Hernandez.


Eddie Edwards vs. Hernandez

Eddie dives onto Hernandez on the outside before the battle begins in the ring and the bell rings. Hernandez knocks Eddie down hard on the apron and Myers takes a moment to attack him.

In the ring, Edwards tries to hit Hernandez with a back elbow chop, but Hernandez pounces Eddie away. The two battle up top. Superplex by Edwards. Eddie is fired up, but Hernandez body presses Eddie down. He sets up for a Border Toss, but Eddie slips free and hits a Boston Knee Party from up top. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards

After break, Matt Cardona confronts  Brian Myers before D’Amore enters the picture. He corrects Myer’s impression of his contract. He wasn’t not cleared by IMPACT doctors and therefore, he’s going up against Eddie Edwards next week, with Cardona as the referee. D’Amore jokes about an “eye for an eye” match.


#1 Contendership for Knockouts Tag Titles

Kimber Lee & Susan (with Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Jazz & Jordynne Grace

Standing switch by Susan on Jazz, but the vet takes her down for a pin attempt. She barrel rolls with Susan on the mat for another pin attempt.

Susan has Jazz in a headlock, but gets shoved off to take a shoulder block. Jazz is in control. She boxes the ears of Susan, but Deonna at ringside distracts Jazz. She chokes her over the bottom ropes as the ref is occupied. Out comes ODB for fair play which then causes the ref to eject everyone from ringside.

Back from break, Jazz and Kimber Lee battle it out. Jazz knocks her down for a two count, but Lee hits her with a sidewalk slam for a two of her own. Susan gets the tag. She kicks at Jazz in the neutral corner. Sleeper hold on the mat by Susan. Kimber gets tagged back in but she and Jazz collide heads.  Susan and Jordynne get the tags and it’s Grace who’s on a roll. Spinebuster nearly gets the win, but Lee breaks it up. Grace and Jazz do a double team gordbuster for a near fall on Suan. Grace has Susan up in a rack, but turns it into a low-angle German.

Susan takes some vicious shots at Grace’s face. Interference coes into play but ultimately, Grace hits her driver finish on Susan for the pinfall W.

WINNER and #1 Contenders for Knockouts Titles: Jazz & Jordynne Grace

The two winners head backstage and see their friend ODB laid out. They suspect Deonna.


TNA World Championship

Jake Something vs. Moose (c)

Something attacks Moose as he enters and we cut to a break before the match gets underway. Match still isn’t underway by the time we get back and Moose comes at Jake heavy with a running uppercut and dropkick in the corner.  Moose chokes Jake on the bottom rope.

Jake tries to dive onto Moose via the outside, but Moose catches him. He tosses Jake in the corner hard.

The two go back and forth with hard shots in the middle of the ring and Something turns Moose inside out with a lariat. Falcon arrow for a very near fall!

Something dives at Moose in the corner but Moose moves and dropkicks Jake on the chin.  Up top, Moose goes for a superplex and nails one flush.

Moose kips up. He goes for a spear and Jake hits a pop-up sit-out bomb for very near fall.

Jake picks Moose back up and shots are traded. Two standing uranages by Moose followed by a rip chord clothesline. Big spear by Moose and that’s it.

WINNER and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Moose

Out comes Rich Swann after Moose goes to attack Jake further. D’Amore makes it official: Moose vs. Swaan for the IMPACT World Title at Sacrifice. Fin.