ROH Wrestling Results (2/21/20) The Briscoes Return, Six-Man Tag Title Match

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor and the Soldiers of Savagery) vs. MexiSquad (Bandido, Flamita and Rey Horus) (c)

Maria Kanellis joins the commentary team for this championship match. Both teams shake hands ahead of the bout. The match immediately breaks down into a brawl that’s controlled by Shane Taylor Promotions. Taylor drop s Bandido with a nasty forearm. Flamita hits a modified 619 on Kaun and gains the upper hand. Moses and Bandido tag in. Moses floors with Bandido with a body check. Bandido does a hand-stand and drops Moses with a cutter. Horus and Taylor enter the match, and Taylor slams him to the mat.

The Soldiers of Savagery try to double-team Horus, but he counters. He plants Moses with a springboard tornado DDT. Bandido and Taylor tag back in, and they trade blows. Flamita drops Taylor with an assisted hurricanrana. MexiSquad dives onto the challengers at ringside. MexiSquad takes control with a flurry of offense. The champions isolate Kaun, and Bandido throws Flamita onto Kaun for a two count.

Horus accidentally takes out Flamita. Taylor rocks Bandido with a knee to the face, and the challengers firmly gain the upper hand. Taylor plants Flamita with Welcome to the Land for the win.

Winner and new ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions: Shane Taylor Promotions

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