ROH Wrestling Results (2/21/20) The Briscoes Return, Six-Man Tag Title Match

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ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired February 22, 2021

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Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and previews the show. She hypes up Shane Taylor’s upcoming ROH World Championship Match with RUSH. She reminds viewers that the winner of The Briscoes vs. Dragon Lee and Kenny King will challenge for the ROH World Tag Team Championship next week.

No. 1 Contender’s Match: La Faccion Ingobernable (Kenny King and Dragon Lee) (with Amy Rose) vs. The Briscoes

King and Mark Briscoe start the match and feel each other out. Mark chops King and blasts him with a forearm. Jay and Dragon Lee tag in, and the former world champion somewhat gains the upper hand. The match is a stalemate early on, and Mark trades blows with Dragon Lee. La Faccion Ingobernable gangs up on Mark. But the Briscoes double-team King to take control. Jay slams him on the floor, and Mark hits a Cactus elbow off the apron. Mark suplexes King onto the apron. King and Mark are both down after a double clothesline.

Dragon Lee and Jay exchange strikes, and the ROH World Television Champion plants Jay with a neckbreaker. He stomps Jay in the tree of woe and dives onto Mark at ringside. A diving double stomp on Jay earns Dragon Lee a two count. Mark huts Froggy Bow on King to break up a submission hold. Dragon Lee rocks Mark with a knee to the face. He drills Jay with another knee, but Mark slams him onto the apron. Amy Rose distracts the referee, and Flip Gordon knocks Mark off the ropes. King rolls Mark up to win the match.

Winners: Kenny King and Dragon Lee

After the match, EC3 returns and confronts Jay. He says there is no honor in the dollar, and states that he respects Jay. He says Jay is one of the few people he respects in this demented business. EC3 praises Jay’s work ethic and his honorable character and states that he envies Jay. He asks where Jay’s honor will take him from here. EC3 tells Jay that he is free, so he controls his narrative.

Bateman (with Vita VonStarr) vs. Mike Bennett 

Bennett immediately drops Bateman with a Spear and stomps him in the corner. Bateman rolls to the outside to get some breathing room. Bennett takes the fight to him outside the ring, and Bateman fires back with stiff strikes of his own. Bennett chops Bateman and confronts VonStarr. Bateman capitalizes and slams Bennett onto the floor. He slingshots Bennett throat-first into the steel part of the ring’s base.

Bateman continues to control the match, but Bennett rallies with a superkick and a clothesline. Bateman rocks Bennett with some chops, and both men take each other down with forearms to the face. Another forearm floors Bennett. A Spear drops Bateman, and a piledriver earns Bennett the win.

Winner: Mike Bennett 

Matt Taven attacks Bateman after the match. He gets the wood block The Righteous used to break Bennett’s ankle and prepares to do the same to Bateman. Taven offers to spare Bateman if Vincent gives him the match he wants. Vincent responds by saying that he watched Taven beg for his attention. He says he has all the power, so he can easily reject Taven’s request. Angered, Taven blasts Bennett’s ankle with a steel chair. Taven vows to make Vincent agree to a match eventually.

A video package hypes up next week’s world title match between Taylor and RUSH.

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