This Week’s ‘Being The Elite’ Is All About Nepotism… And Dark Order’s Obsession With Hangman Page’s Sexual Prowess

Mama Buck and Papa Buck take a look around at their sons on the AEW production trucks.

The Good Brothers finally come clean and admit they had a good reason for being delayed in helping the Young Bucks… they were “catching a cizz” in the men’s room to relieve their nerves! (Yup, they were masturbating…)

Matt Hardy paid off TH2 and tried to bargain for some more help but Evans and Angelico weren’t hearing it, and the Bunny tried to poison Brandon Cutler!

Plus, The Dark Order were talking about how cool they looked on Dynamite last week. They were the “cat’s pajamas” and “the bee’s knees,” or “the frog’s pussy” … wait, what? (John Silver said it, and it must be a Long Island thing.) After they regained their composure (and Colt Cabana adds it to his repertoire), Dark Order collectively discussed Hangman Page’s sexual prowess and chanted “Hangman Fucks” before agreeing to leave him alone… and then they watch him pee.

All that, plus Sammy Guevara defends the BTE title against his mother on his own vlog.