Apollo Crews Snaps After Loss To Nakamura, Drops Steel Steps On Big E

Apollow Crews Big E

Image Credit: WWE

Apollo Crews and Shinsuke Nakamura faced off against one another tonight with Big E watching, and despite Nakamura coming out with a big win, Crews got the last laugh on both superstars, as he delivered a massive assault to both Shinsuke and Big E after the match.

After Nakamura won by reversing his own armbar submission on Crews into a pin, Crews angrily took out his frustrations on Nakamura. He threw Shinsuke out of the ring and into the barricade, and went to pick up the ring steps before Big E stopped him. While it looked like Crews might stop, he instead waited for Big E to tend to Nakamura before hitting them both with the stairs. Crews continued his assault on Big E after that, before ending his assault by dropping the ring steps out of the ring and down onto Big E.

Things came to an end when Crews finally left the area, and medical personnel came rushing down to tend to Big E. After getting him up and on a stretcher, they were able to wheel him up the ramp and into the back for medical attention.

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