Collector’s Corner: Legends of Lucha Libre Series 1 – Penta & Fénix + Accessory Sets In-Depth Review (Photo/Video)

Welcome to the latest installment of Collector’s Corner! On this installment we take an early look at the new Legends of Lucha Libre Series 1 action figures and accessory sets!

Wave 1 includes:

  • Penta El Zero M
  • Rey Fénix
  • Lucha De La Muerte Accessory Set
  • Lucha Extrema Accessory Set

These were available for pre-order over on and online retailers such as These early samples were provided to us courtesy of Boss Fight Studio to review. If you did pre-order them back when they were announced they are expected to ship Mid-March. If you didn’t get the chance to order them and are interested in them be sure to visit the site around early April to purchase any remaining quantities that are available.

The Packaging

First up we have the packaging on the figures of Penta and Fénix. The packaging resembles that a bit of the Mattel WWE Elite figures with a larger, boxy-style shape. There’s the large window to see the figure and accessories within followed by logos and images of the wrestlers on the front, sides and on the back. The back highlights moments from matches of said wrestler as well as showcasing the other figures and accessory sets available for purchase.

The Accessory sets are packaged similarly, but in a much smaller box of course. They, too, have a nice large window where you can see all the accessories within followed by images of the figures on one side and the back of the box showcasing all the accessories in great detail.

One cool thing to note about the figure boxes is that they don’t use tape, therefore you can easily open them and re-seal them, similar to the Elite boxes, in case you choose to display them loose and later pack them back up to keep mint.

Penta El Zero M

Penta looks a lot like his latest AEW Unrivaled action figure, but this one is in his red/black attire versus the white/black attire. Penta comes with an extra, yelling head with his masked ripped and his face paint showing. The peg stays in the head versus other figure heads we are used to as these connect into the neck directly than onto a ball-joint peg. When swapping heads be careful putting pressure on them so you don’t snap the peg while doing such.

Penta also comes with two sets of swappable hands besides those already on his figure, such as his Zero Miedo hands and open hands to recreate his entrance and more. Not to mention he also comes with a light tube accessory, which is a first in the wrestling figure toy line as a whole.

He features a ton of detail on his tattoos as well as throughout his gear. His wrist bands/gauntlets are separate pieces meaning you can remove them should you decide to after removing his hands. The hands have notches on the pegs, making them stay securely in the wrist but also a bit challenging to remove. Be very patient when swapping the hands as well.

His figure also features a ton of articulation, including what seems to be ball-jointed butterfly joints, allowing for a ton of movement in the shoulder area. He has a ball-jointed head, shoulders, chest, waist and legs. He also features double-jointed elbows, swivel wrists with the hinge joint on the hands as well as swivel thigh joints, swivel boot joints, double-jointed knees and ankle-rocker joints. There may be more I’m forgetting, but you can really pose him well, which is awesome.

Rey Fénix

Rey also looks similar to that of his AEW Unrivaled figure, but is in a red/gold attire instead of black/white. Rey comes with two extra sets of hands as well, such as fists and open hands. He also comes with a swappable, smiling head that also has the peg connected to the head and he comes with a kendo stick, which has a nice dirty look to it to make it look authentic.

Rey’s body is covered with his tattoos. He also has white wrist bands and gauntlets, which are removable much like that of Penta’s. He features similar articulation with ball-jointed butterfly joints, allowing for a ton of movement in the shoulder area. He has a ball-jointed head, shoulders, chest, waist and legs. He also features double-jointed elbows, swivel wrists with the hinge joint on the hands as well as swivel thigh joints, double-jointed knees, swivel boots and ankle-rocker joints.

Accessory Sets

Both accessory sets are awesome I must say. These remind me of the old Jakks WWE Grapple Gear sets if you ever collected those back in the day. Both sets feature several accessories to say the least, such as:

Lucha de la Muerte:

  • Barbed Wire
  • Breakable Table
  • Lucha Mask head
  • Light Tube
  • Kendo Stick
  • Barbed Wire Bat
  • Sickle

Lucha Extrema:

  • Steel Chair
  • Nightstick
  • Lucha Mask head
  • Microphone
  • Cinder Block
  • Dog Collars + chain

The accessories fit well into the Lucha figure’s hands as well as are compatible with other wrestling figures. The detail on these sets is fantastic and really makes them special. My favorite accessory is probably the dog collar as the chain is really nice on it, too. I highly recommend picking these up as there’s several accessories, or even better than previous wrestling figure releases, that makes it really awesome for a collector. Definitely do not pass up on these!


Overall, the figures are great. They’re super detailed and articulated. The articulation is a huge plus and makes them compatible with their wrestling figure counterparts in that regard. The only gripe I have with them, as most others do, too, is the fact they are a good inch smaller or so than the other existing wrestling figure lines. Unfortunately they won’t fit in well with your other figures size wise, but they are great with each other. There’s a lot more pros to these figures than the con of their height, that’s for sure. Do be sure to be patient when swapping their hands and heads as they seem a little bit fragile to me, too. Not to mention these figures do feel like a mixture of AEW Unrivaled figures as well as Storm Collectibles figures with the material they’re made of. The accessories are a huge bonus, too, and I truly recommend you pick those up. Feel free to watch my in-depth video review below of everything listed here in this review. Keep an eye out for more news on future releases on!

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