MJF Will Never Be A Guy That Sucks Up To The Audience, Credits CM Punk For Never Wavering On Who He Was

MJF is never off the clock because he’s not playing a character, this is really who he is.

In a recent appearance on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast, MJF was asked about his recent trend of ‘honest’ podcast reviews on Twitter, and the Salt Of The Earth said he just tells it how it is and he wasn’t doing that for attention on social media. MJF followed up and said he is just showing everyone who he is, and it actually makes him sick to see other guys in the business acting one way on television before hopping on Twitter to pander to fans.

“I am not a character, I am not portraying anyone. This is me, 24/7. I have an issue with guys of my generation looking and acting and appearing a certain way on their TV set, and then they go on the Twitter machine and they’re like, [sucking up and saying] ‘Oh geewillikers! Thanks for watching my match tonight! I love you guys, kiss kiss, hug hug…’ after they literally just had like a stabbing on TV or they beat up somebody’s grandmother,” MJF explained, “and then they’re going to Twitter and talking about how much they ‘love this business’ and they love the fans. It makes me sick to my stomach. For me personally, I’m never going to be the guy that sucks up to the audience, I’m never going to look for likes or retweets. I’m just gonna be me 24/7. And I think that’s what makes the best stars in professional wrestling.

MJF continued, noting that even though he might have been slighted before, he had to credit CM Punk as one of the people who never faltered in who he was.

“I hate to give CM Punk credit because somebody asked him who he thought were great up-and-coming stars in AEW, and one of the answers was [Brian Pillman Jr]. And at no point did he say my name, but I am gonna give him credit, because I’m salt of the earth and let’s face it, I’m just a great person. I think CM Punk, when he was on the independents, did a great job of never wavering on who he was as an individual when he was around fans,” MJF explained, “I believe Ric Flair and the Horsemen all did an incredible job when they were around fans of never wavering, never being like, ‘Oh thank you so much for watching the product’—We’re stars! Why am I going to go out of my way to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, when you’re lucky to be breathing the same air as me? And that’s the way I approach life, day in and day out.”