NXT’s Kyle O’Reilly Stretchered Out Of Capitol Wrestling Center As Part Of A Storyline

kyle o'reilly

Photo Credit: WWE

Kyle O’Reilly ended up leaving the Capitol Wrestling Center on a stretcher on Wednesday night, but it is all part of an ongoing storyline on NXT. 

This week’s episode of NXT closed with Adam Cole once again attacking O’Reilly, kicking him in the face and dropping him with a brainbuster on the steel steps. After the show faded to black, an angle was shot for WWE digital where O’Reilly was taken out of the arena on a stretcher. This was apparently the cause of confusion by fans, who saw photos of the stretcher incident online and thought O’Reilly had suffered a legitimate medical episode.

The photos in question (no video was posted online by fans or WWE) showed O’Reilly on a stretcher, and Triple H next to him checking on his status, but it was part of the storyline to sell the attack by Cole. 

According to Ryan Satin of FOX Sports, O’Reilly did not suffer a real seizure (as it was rumored online) and there was no intent to make it look like that’s what happened. He clarified that story only spread due to some fans in attendance believing that was the case, and O’Reilly is fine.

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