Santos Escobar vs. Karrion Kross Pushed Back To Next Week

Karrion Kross Santos Escobar

Image Credit: WWE

Karrion Kross and Santos Escobar were supposed to face off tonight at NXT, but with Escobar leaving the arena things were forced to change. Instead, William Regal threatened to severely punish Escobar if he doesn’t show up next week for a match.

During a brief announcement at tonight’s NXT, Regal said that if Escobar doesn’t show up to next week’s episode ready to face off against Kross, then he’ll be stripped of his NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Escobar has been attempting to get out of the fight as far back as last week, but with very real consequences now on the line, things look to trending in the right direction for a match between the two superstars. 

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