AEW Dynamite Results (2/17/21)

AEW Dynamite

Credit: AEW

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, Eddie Kingston’s Family faces off against the former rivals in Jon Moxley and Lance Archer as Rey Fenix of The Death Triangle completes the trio. Plus, Orange Cassidy goes up against Japanese Deathmatch Legend Luther and the AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament continues with Serena Deeb fighting a returning Riho.


February 10, 2021, Jacksonville, Florida

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

This is not a drill: DORY FUNK IS AT RINGSIDE.


Hangman Adam Page & Matt Hardy vs.  TH2

TH2 immediately attack the new duo but Hangman returns fire. It’s he and Evans that are the legal men until he tags in Hardy for a middle turnbuckle elbow. Neckbreaker for a two count. Tag to Hangman. Back elbow by Matt, standing shooting star by Hangman. Two count. Tag to Matt and a double suplex to Evans. Sitdown Outsider’s Edge to Hardy, but Angelico blind tags and attacks Hardy. Kicks in the corner by Angelico. Tag to Evans who double foot stomps Hardy as Angelico holds him. Two count. Tag to Angelico. Matt fires back, but Evans holds him as Hardy fights off Angelico. Roll up on Hardy for two. Matt shoves Angelico into the corner, but Evans tags himself in and he continues the attack. Back handspring elbow attempt, but Hardy knocks Evans and hits a side effect. Tag to Hangman. Evans gets knocked off the apron and Hangman catches Angelico with a Ron Simmons Spinebuster. Diving lariat to Evans off the apron and a fallawy slam to Angelico. He dives on top of Evans. Suplex with a pin attempt for two on Angelico. Matt slowly gets to the apron. Angleico stumbles into his corner and Evans makes the tag. Pop-up bomb to Angelico, then a powerbomb onto Angelico by Hangman to Evans. Hangman gets bumped off the apron as TH2 fight on against Hardy and get a pin attempt on him. Double Barrell Buckshot from Hangman. Twist of Fate to Angelico via Hardy and it’s good for the W.

WINNERS: Adam Page & Matt Hardy

Post-match, Matt wants the crowd to give it up for Hangman. He’s excited because Hangman is going to make a lot of money and Matt is gonna make 30% of it. He’s glad Hangman signed with him last week. Hangman reveals that he switched the contracts and wants some peeps from the Jags to come out with the contracts. Out comes Jackson Deville and Hangman states he did change some language. It reveals that Hangman’s version of the contract is one for a match at Revolution and if Hardy loses, he earns 100% of Matt’s first quarter earnings. Matt calls him a carny. He then says why doesn’t Hangman put 100% of his first quarter earnings on the line too. Hangman shakes on it before Jackson Deville attacks him. It’s Isiah Kassidy. Matt offers TH2 $3,700 to beat the hell out of Hangman. They join in, but out comes -1 with Dark Order for the save.

Alex Marvez is backstage with Inner Circle. Tonight Santana and Ortiz are getting their first ever AEW Tag Team Title shot and they know why: fear. MJF calls out Sammy and Jericho notes that Max got what he wanted. Some of it’s his fault, but most of it’s Sammy’s fault. He says you never walk out on Chris Jericho. He is dead to him. Now Santana and Ortiz are gonna bring gold back to the Inner Circle.


AEW Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament (Round 1)

Serena Deeb vs. Riho

The two tie it up and do some mat work.  Headlocks go down and Riho steps on Serena’s wrapped knee, but she shoves her off. The two lock it up in a test of strength and Serena powers her down. Serena puts her weight on her, but Riho’s core strength prevents a pin. Impressive moment here. Big dropkick from Riho. Running body press to Serena.  Soon after, Serena catapults Riho off the bottom rope as we go to picture-in-picture.

Back from break, Riho hits a snap dragon on Serena and both women get to their feet after a bit. Hard shots by Riho. Hard elbows by Serena. Running knee by Riho gets a two count.

Diving cross body by Riho but Serena rolls through and she works on Riho’s leg. Serena goes for the figure four, but Riho wriggles free. Still, Serena catches Riho with a dragon screw in the corner. Serena hits a shake, rattle and roll neckbreaker. It’s a two count. Riho trips Serena up for a 619 and she climbs up top for a diving foot stomp across Serena’s back. Serna limps to her feet, big cross body from the top by Riho for a two count. Serena goes to the outside.  As Riho gets on the apron, Serena dragon screws her down and cinches in a stretch muffler. Riho rolls her up for two. A Northern Lights suplex for two. Double foot stomp from up top by Riho. Near fall. Serena ducks an attack, and the two exchange some close pinfalls until it’s Riho who finally secures the 1-2-3.


We get a video package featuring Shaq & Jade Cargill prepping with some basketball.


Luther vs. Orange Cassidy

Luther bumps Chuck Taylor off the apron and then hits a big pump kick on Orange. Big powerbomb for two. He chokes Orange with his shirt and flings him. Not long after, Orange powerbombs him right off the apron. Serpentico sizes Orange up in the ring and Chuck comes in with The Awful Waffle. Orange Punch to Luther in the ring and that’s it, baby.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy

Out comes Team Taz (but without Ricky Starks & Hobbs). All this week on social media all Taz is hearing is that Sting is gonna call out Team Taz. Taz notes that weather has prevented Hobbs and Starks from being here cause Sting took his snow down south. He runs The Icon down and low and behold, Stinger comes out. He said coming out was a big mistake. Sting needs that bat. So guess what? Sting tosses it aside. Sting attacks Cage. Hook comes in with Sting’s bat, but Sting turns the tables on him and jabs Hook in the gut. Cage then comes up and powerbombs Sting!

Eddie Kingston is with his family and he’s wearing a Harry Carson Giants jersey. He’s got beef with Archer, Fenix and of course, Jon Moxley. His old friend. Moxley, he is the demon that Kingston needs to get rid of the most. He can’t get rid of him with drinking, pills or women. He’s got to get rid of him by beating him…old friend.

Kenny Omega is shown reading The Young Bucks’ book to a classroom of children. A kid asks if there is any pictures. The cover, Kenny indicates. One asks if the brothers are in love. Kenny says they are brothers so they do love each other. Kenny briefly  reads an excerpt and then taps out.  The marketing person standing at the side tells Kenny and Don Callis that this is gonna be great for the image. A kid asks “Uncle Don” if Kenny can play so they send Michael Nakazawa. The kids hate him and then attack him.


AEW World Tag Team Championships

Santana & Ortiz vs. The Young Bucks (c)

Matt and Nick’s parents are ringside. The bell rings and it’s Santana and Nick Jackson starting things off. Santana works on Nick and tags in Ortiz. Matt gets tagged and he hip tosses both Santana and Ortiz. Ortiz catches him with a reverse DDT backbreaker, but Matt dropkicks Ortiz off. Santana gets the tag and he spin kicks Matt in the gut, but The Bucks double team him with an attack. Santana & Ortiz deliver a mean looking backbreaker to Nick. MJF begins to argue with Rick Knox who ejects the entirety of Inner Circle. We go to picture in picture.

Back from break, Nick hits a huge kick on Ortiz. Tag to Matt as he fights away at both men, but Ortiz catches Matt with a boot after a hurricanrana and a flurry of punches. Matt does catch Santana with a twisting stunner. Two count. Bucks corner Santana and the brothers hit a double sit-out bomb for a two ount. Ortiz gives Matt a facebuster and Santana comes off the top with an avalanche falcon arrow. “This is awesome” chants. Rolling double team flatliner by Santana and Ortiz on Nick before Ortiz turns it into a scissor hold submission. He rolls up for a pin but it is a kick out.

Later on Bucks hit a Doomsday Device. Double super kick to Santana and they almost get a win, but Ortiz breaks it up. Bucks set Santana up for a BTE Trigger, but Santana avoids. S&O hit a Street Sweeper on Nick. They almost get the win but TMat breaks it up. Santana and Ortiz powerbomb Matt into the crowd. Ortiz yells over and over that he and Santana are “The Best!” Nick gets a small package on Ortiz and it’s a W.

WINNER and STILL AEW WOrld Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks

Post-match,  Inner Circle attack The Bucks. Kenny, Don & The Good Brothers are shown watching backstage, but not doing jack. Out comes Brandon Cutler to help Nick and Matt, but he gets attacked. Finally, out come The Good Brothers, but before they do, Matt and Nick are shown tapping to the Lion Tamer and Salt of The Earth from Jericho and MJF. After it gets broken up, Inner Circle confront Papa Buck who shoves Jericho.

Brandi Rhodes is on camera and she’s going to reveal the gender of the baby. She comes out with Cody and it’s revealed that Cody and her are having a baby girl!


FTR vs. Matt & Mike Sydal

Cody is on commentary. Tully is at home due to the bad Texas weather. Dory Funk is shown ringside. Cash and Mike start it off and it’s not long before Dax gets tagged in. Matt soon gets the tag and he kicks away at Dax. Double foot stomp by Mike on Dax from up top. Mike chops away at Dax, but Cash leaps up and gets a massive German on Mike Sydal. Two count and we go picture-in-picture.

Back from break, we hear” Sydal” chants. Double team hurricanrana by the Sydal Brothers. Big high knee from Matt to Dax. Matt boots both Dax & Cash into the barricade on the outside and it sets up brother Mike for a big moonsault.  Matt and Dax trade shots.  Matt rolls up Dax who shoves him off for a European uppercut by Cash. Matt fights back, but Dax gives him a big powerbomb before Cash delivers a German for a near fall until Mike saves him. Sydals soon gets back in control. Matt hits a two man meteroa and Mike hits a top rope attack to cover Cash. 1-2-foot on the ropes.

Soon after, Dax and Cash hit the Big Rig for the victory.


Post-match, Dax looks to cut the hair of Mike Sydal with athletic scissors, but the lights go out. On the screen, Luchasaurus is shown with his back turned and his cut mask laying in the foreground. Lights come back on and Jurassic Express is in the ring. Jungle Boy makes Dax tap to the Snare Trap.

We see Mox. He’s got scores to settle with his opponents tonight, but also notes his match with KENTA on February 27 and hasn’t forgotten about Kenny either.


Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade (with The Bunny) vs.  Lance Archer, Rey Fenix & Jon Moxley (with Jake Roberts)

The three faces slide in the ring and it’s an all-out brawl. Eddie fights with Mox, Blade battles with Rey and Butcher dukes it with Archer until we get in the ring. Blade and Butch deliver a flying leg drop to Mox for a two count. Mox is cornered as Eddie’s fam continues a quick tag corner assault. Blade powerslams Mox for a two. Mox elbows Butcher and gets Blade with a neckbreaker. Lance gets a tag and takes it to Blade big time with a chokeslam, some corner splashes and then a belly-to-belly. Archer goes old chool on Blade as Rey knees Butcher off the apron. We go picture in picture.

Back from break, Butcher and Blade are working on Archer. Kingston holds Archer’s boots as Butcher puts all his weight on The Murderhawk. Blade fires at Archer in the corner and the quick tags are getting exchanged. Eddie gives him repeated headbutts and then he shoulder thrusts Archer in the neutral corner. Not long though, Archer double cross bodies Butcher and eddie. Tag to Fenix is is on fire he kicks Butcher mid springboard nd armdrgs Eddie. Spinning cutter to Butcher. Big frog splash for a very near fall on Butcher. Kingston catches Rey with an exploder suplex. Big suplex from Archer to Eddie. Butcher levels Lance, but Mox German suplexes Butch. Blade attacks Mox in the corner, but Rey rams him with a dropkick. Mox and Eddie get back on the apron and stare down one another til they each get the tag. Thhe two rivals duke it out. Kingston hits an enziguri. Kick from Rey and Pounce from Lance. Bulldog choke by Mox, but Eddie gets saved. Archer chokeslams Rey into  corkscrew onto Butcher and Blade. Archer senton dives on top of them. Mox and eddie duke it out. Eddie hits his backfist, but Mox weathers it to hit The Paradigm Shift and gets the pinfall victory.

WINNERS: Jon Moxley, Rey Fenix & Lance Archer

Post-match, Mox grabs a mic, but The Good Brothers come out and attack Mox. Kenny comes out. He says he looks kind of pathetic right now. He reveals that he is holding the contract for Mox’s rematch. Kenny chllenges him to an exploding barbed wire match at Revolution. Mox headbutts him and Kenny hits him with a V-Trigger. Kenny’s forehead is bleeding.