Natalya Knows Her Worth: ‘I’m A Pillar & A Foundation Of What We’re Doing’


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Natalya Neidhart was not a fan of a WWE on FOX Twitter post asking fans to build a team of women’s wrestlers with just “$15.”

While it’s a popular social media game, Natalya was one of many female WWE superstars to take offense to the post.

“I have struggled for years to figure out exactly what my worth is, but I won’t allow anyone to pick that number for me,” Natalya wrote. “As hurtful as seeing this is, I want it to be known, that if I ever find myself under all of these wonderful women it’s because I’m a pillar and a foundation of what we’re doing. So please keep the [one dollar], because anyone who knows anything, knows how priceless I am.

Bayley had perhaps the best response by reminding us all that it’s fake.

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