Lacey Evans Is Pregnant?! Who Wins RAW’s Elimination Chamber? (WrestleZone Wrap-Up)

WWE RAW was main-evented by a grizzly Gauntlet Match to determine the final entrant spot in the arduous Elimination Chamber this Sunday on the WWE Network. Is WWE Champion Drew McIntyre going to make it out of the Chamber with the title after getting pinned by his former best friend Sheamus and the lurking threat of Mr, Money in the Bank, the Miz cashing in for a random title shot? Lacey Evans claims she is pregnant?! How will this storyline fresh out of an episode of ‘Maury’ play out in the weeks ahead on the Elimination Chamber? How does all this add to the road to WrestleMania? Plus more news about free agents signing with WWE and much more with hosts Kevin Kellam and John Clark on the WrestleZone Wrap-Up.

Check out our WWE NXT Takeover Post-Show:

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