Sheamus Wins Gauntlet Match, Enters Elimination Chamber Last


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The main event of WWE RAW featured a six-man gauntlet match to determine who would get the luxury of entering the Elimination Chamber match last this weekend. The match featured WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, Sheamus, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Kofi Kingston.

In a match that lasted over one hour, the match started with AJ Styles taking on Kofi Kingston. Styles would get the upper hand after hitting a Phenomenal Forearm.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was next to hit the ring. He would get the upper-hand on AJ Styles after Styles spent over 30 minutes in the match. Jeff Hardy was next to enter the match. Hardy would put up a strong effort but ultimately come up short against McIntyre.

The next match-up paired Drew McIntyre against Randy Orton. Alexa Bliss filled the ThunderDome trons which led to Randy Orton being distracted and therefore counted out. This left only Drew McIntyre and Sheamus in the match.

In the end, Sheamus would hit a Brogue Kick and earn the opportunity to enter the Chamber last.

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